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Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Three Chairs

Here they are - three chairs. What's the big deal?

three wooden folding chairs

Let me tell you about these chairs. They appeared in our life from somewhere, something over 28 years ago. This is what they all looked like at that time. The frames are in great shape but the seats were a mess.

wooden folding chair

The good old masking tape fix-it job. Did I do that, or were they that way when we got them? I have no idea.

wooden folding chair

In 1992, I hunted up some left over vinyl and sewed two scraps together to make a new seat cover for one of them to go to grad school with me. I liked that the chair is small, and I like the non-recessed seat. There is something my back does not like about chairs with butt-depressions. Most folding chairs and other stacking chairs all have them. So, this chair served me well, and I've been using it for all my vendor events because I can sit in it all day without many issues. However, as you can see, that vinyl was quite cheap and it has also cracked. That catches on clothing and is getting annoying, considering how many weekends I'm spending at vendor events.

wooden folding chair

The other two chairs re-surfaced a few months ago when I was looking for something else (of course), so I got my act and the chairs together. Then I found a remnant of vinyl on sale for only $6. OK! All the pieces of the puzzle are collected.

It's a fairly simple project to take the seats off and recover them.

wooden folding chair seat

Done! As you can see in the top picture.

You could make a good case that doing this job was not a high priority in a month that is packed with things that HAVE to be done. But I did need the one chair fixed, and if I was going to do one it would be kinda dumb to not do all three.

In other news: I continued to make some progress with all of my horrible February projects- accounts, volunteer project, cleaning, and most annoying of all- I had to drive to Ludington to get a UPS package that they wouldn't deliver even after I cleared the driveway. But I did get it.

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1 comment:

Ann said...

You gotta love a chair that serves you well. I would say that it deserved the new look. Nice that it was an easy job too.

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