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Monday, February 24, 2020

Nature Center Path in Scottville

I thought I was going to share an update on this tiny pathway. I know I was there once before, but I could not find a blog post about it, so maybe I never showed you. This is a quarter-mile nature pathway on Mason County Central school property. I believe it was built by and is and maintained by students.

Ed Malkowski Nature Path

Not many people have been using the space in winter, but just enough that I could tell where the actual path was supposed to be. There are several little resting spots, and also some picnic tables.

Ed Malkowski Nature Path

There's a tiny pond in the center. It would probably be a good place to see wildlife if you sat still and waited a while, particularly at dusk.

Ed Malkowski Nature Path

At the far end before you loop back, there's a bridge that crosses the unnamed stream.

Ed Malkowski Nature Path

I actually walked 4 miles. This little loop was just a blip at the far end of the walk.

Ed Malkowski Nature Path, Scottville, Michigan, Mason County Central Schools

In other news: I spent the morning getting all the boxes assembled and the mailing labels affixed for the pre-ordered copies of North Country Quest. Then I did errands, volunteer stuff, and took my walk.

1 comment:

Ann said...

Looks like a pleasant trail and short enough that anyone could complete the whole thing.

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