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Wednesday, March 11, 2020

2020 Philadelphia Flower Show Colors

I don't think I got as many good pictures this year- or maybe I'm just a bit jaded. But today I'll just give you a selection of colors, and then we'll get into the various displays.


One of the really colorful displays (which you'll see more of) had a number of amaryllis wired into panels. But they were all upside down so you could look right into the flowers. It was an interesting use of the plants. These are very red!

red amaryllis


Here is an orange Pelargonium sp., otherwise known as a tree geranium, although they don't all have the tree-like form.

orange pelargonium


In the same display as the red amaryllis, the edges were lined with boxes of yellow lilies. I don't know what variety.

yellow lilies


There was lots of green to choose from at a flower show! But this stunning wall of succulents is pretty special. The ancestors of these specimens were collected for Longwood Gardens (a wonderful public garden near Philadelphia that I hope to visit one of these years) from other botanical gardens France in 1957. Since the theme of the Philadelphia Flower Show this year is Riviera Holiday, it's neat that the plants come from that portion of the world (although the originals of many are native to other places in the world).

green succulent wall


These plants were also from Longwood Gardens. These are a hybrid, exclusive to Longwood, Cineraria, Pericallis x hybrida. But this is an unusual color, known as the variety 'Cornflower Blue.' The strain reverted to more usual colors, and horticulturists from Longwood went to the Canary Islands to gather seeds. They managed to back-cross the resulting plants and re-develop this clear blue Cineraria.

Cornflower blue Cineraria


Finally, for purple, I went with a fairly common houseplant, but it is a consistent purple foliage, and can be stunning in displays. This is Wandering Jew, Tradescantia pallida. You may recognize the genus name. It's a type of spiderwort, native to Mexico.

purple wandering Jew

I'm beginning to get my head back around all the things there were to see at the Flower Show. I'll get more specific tomorrow.

In other news: I did some volunteer work, finished getting ready for the tax appointment and then had the appointment.

See Intro to the 2020 Philadelphia Flower Show
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Ann said...

You've got every color of the rainbow covered there. Nice selection

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