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Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Beethoven's Birthday

Before we get back to the Philadelphia Flower Show, I really have to share about the concert we went to on Saturday night. Rachel sings in the Mendelssohn Club of Philadelphia. For this concert they celebrated Beethoven's 250th birthday by singing the Mass in C, and Fantasia for Piano, Choir, and Orchestra.

The event was held at Holy Trinity Church in Philadelphia. Just being there was an adventure in elegance.

Holy Trinity Church Philadelphia

The choir and orchestra filled every inch of the stage space.

Mendelssohn Club singing Holy Trinity Church Philadelphia

This shows some of the orchestra and some of the soloists.

Mendelssohn Club singing Holy Trinity Church Philadelphia

Mass in C is all in Latin. Some of the phrases are familiar, but I was glad there was a translation in the program. Then they took a break and did Fantasia which is supposed to be a precursor to the famous 9th Symphony, sometimes known as Ode to Joy. I know this because I read the program. But you could certainly hear the similarities. These words are in German, and again, the translation was very helpful to understand the meaning- a celebration of spring.

Here is Rachel singing. It's hard to get pictures of people singing that don't look dumb, but at least this one is not too weird.

Mendelssohn Club singing Holy Trinity Church Philadelphia

Finally, I made the family pose for a picture, but big mistake, it was at the end of that non-stop Saturday. Everyone was dressed nicely, but you can tell that they are all beat. David is like my extra son, Rachel is his wife, and by extension, Anja and Mia are sort of my pretend grandkids. Well, tired or not, they are all very special to me.


In today's news: I worked on volunteer stuff, then got ready for writers' group, did shopping, bell choir, writers' group, and wished for a nap. Hope I'm back to full energy tomorrow.

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Ann said...

What a beautiful church that is. Sounds like a wonderful evening

The Oceanside Animals said...

Lulu: "Beethoven's birthday! Our Pippier loves Beethoven. I bet he even got him a cake."

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