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Saturday, March 21, 2020

Art Center Bingo- Square One

The Ludington Area Center for the Arts published a bingo card of art projects for people to try during this down time. Since I've been wanting to learn to do watercolor better anyway, I at least did one square. Here's the card- anyone can play.

So, I followed a YouTube video to do this one. My previous attempts at watercolor were not well instructed (not hardly at all), and were pretty bad. I'll show you three stages in the process of painting this one. Here's the basic background in place.

watercolor landscape

This is kind of the middle. One thing I learned for sure. Instead of using sketching paper (which I did with the cardinal), I bought a pad of "watercolor paper." Yeah, right. I guess I need to be willing to spend a tiny bit more money. It was terrible. But, it is a bit better than the sketching paper, and it will be ok for me to do some learning with.

watercolor landscape

I also bought a cheap paint set. The color selection is poor. Of course, you can mix to make colors you want, but the selection with my watercolor pencils is much better. Maybe next time I'll do a combo of the two.

Anyway, here's the finished first landscape try. (Well, not the first ever, ever... but in a long time)

watercolor landscape

My problem with the bingo card is that I want to do things that aren't in a row! Well, I can make up my own rules if I don't bother to submit it, right?

In other news: In the morning I was interviewed for an author podcast. Probably will be on line on Wednesday. I'll let you know. Worked on bookwork, and stuff, and did this painting.

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Ann said...

That looks fantastic.

Jeri said...

I love it.

Lin said...

Wow! That is a beautiful painting, Shark! I'm impressed!

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