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Saturday, March 14, 2020

Philadelphia Flower Show 2020 - Curves

There are always Standard Flower Show entries as part of the Philadelphia Flower Show. You may recall that I like some of these more than others. I particularly enjoy the arrangements in a small niche. The theme of this one was "Curves," and there were four entries. I've kept the pictures square because the niche is square, although a little taller.

This is the blue ribbon winner. The plant material used is Crape Myrtle, Devil's Claw, Mustard seed, and Pokeweed. The Judges said, "Daring choice of jewel-like colors, excellently executed."

Philadelphia Flower Show 2020 Curves

Second place went to this one. Plants used are Crape Myrtle and Grevillea (silky oak- a southern species- the tan leafy portion). The judges said, "Bold design of dynamic color and textures successfully interprets the theme. Placement of design within the nice disturbs the balance."

Philadelphia Flower Show 2020 Curves

The other two entries each received a yellow ribbon. Here is one of them. Materials are Crape Myrtle and Devil's Claw. The judges said, "A pleasing rhythmic design due to well-chosen materials and presentation. Size of design is not in proportion to space allowed."

Philadelphia Flower Show 2020 Curves

And here is the fourth one. Plants materials are Anise Seed (the red stars), Brunia (the balls), Devil's Claw, and Sea Oats. The judges said, "An enchanting, subtle contrast of colors. The orientation of anise seed disturbs the rhythm."

Philadelphia Flower Show 2020 Curves

You can tell that the judging has to be rather brutal to choose a winner. Which one do you like? I agree with the choices (not always the case). I wanted to give that last one a higher place but had to agree that the dark red "petals" aren't arranged well.

In other news: I was almost a complete slug today. I was tired. I wrote an article for Mason County Press, tried to talk myself into being more productive, and read a book.

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1 comment:

Ann said...

I am obviously not a floral designer because that last one is my favorite

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