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Thursday, March 5, 2020

Philadelphia - Longer Riverwalk

We walked Rachel to work again this morning and bought groceries on the way home. Good weight-bearing exercise, haha. Then I wrote another chapter of The Lonely Donkey.

After lunch, the weather was gorgeous- just what I needed to perk me up (it's going to be hard to come home to 30 degrees)- and Marie and I took a much longer walk. In fact, David suggested we walk as far as we wanted and then he could pick us up so we didn't have to do a return walk.

Marie and I started by going back down to the Schuylkill River. We walked past where we did the other day. This far north, it's less urban and there is plenty of park space.

Schuylkill River park

The nearby universities all have rowing clubs, and they were out practicing today. By the time we were finished walking, the river was covered with them.

Schuylkill River rowers

I always seem to forget how much farther south Philadelphia is from where I live. This mockingbird was just checking out the scenery.


Philadelphia is filled with sculptures. I didn't take too many pictures today because I was intent on hiking. But I caught a few. I think I've seen pictures of this one and it's companion piece. This is "Settling of the Eastern Seaboard." You could keep a blog alive for a long, long time just covering all the sculptures.

Schuylkill River sculpture

Most of the time we were walking between the river and Fairmount Park. This is a 2000-acre park with portions on both sides of the river. It was really interesting to see former entrances, places where one could presumably park and then walk up the hill into the park, when the traffic on the road at the base of the hill was much less. I liked this one. I think you could still walk up into the park here.

historic Fairmount Park entrance Philadelphia

Of course, I'm always trying to capture a really perfect water ripple pattern picture. I do like this one a lot.

Schuylkill River water pattern

The layers of bridges are fascinating. This was my best picture.

Schuylkill River bridges

And finally, after David retrieved us, we cooked dinner. Marie had suggested stuffed zucchini boats. They were SO yummy! David brought home ice cream, too, so we had a great meal!

zucchini boat dinner

Talk about a perfect day with friends. The girls are doing their homework, and we hope to play a card game after that. We've managed one each evening. These are good times!

Oh, yeah. We walked about 9 miles today. We can feel it- not quite in shape for that yet, but we sure will be soon.

See Philadelphia Riverwalk

1 comment:

Ann said...

Beutiful weather, a long walk, that's the makings of a perfect day. Love the picture of the water ripples. It looks like a painting. Those zucchini boats sure look good.

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