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Sunday, March 1, 2020

On the Road

I'll bet you already guessed where I was heading. East. All pictures are blurry because of shooting through car windows with the point and click while driving method. Not too accurate.

Across this bridge in Toledo. I'm sure the engineers plan for all the stresses, but these always look flimsy to me.

suspension bridge

Across Pennsylvania. First the tunnel through Allegheny Mountain.


On the far side the landscape opens into a wide valley with hills on the edges.

Pennsylvania valley

Then the Tuscarora Tunnel.


Then a double tunnel with maybe a tenth of a mile between the two. Need to look at that on a topo map. Kittatinny and Blue Mountains.



And where did this journey end. You guessed it. Philadelphia.

Philadelphia skyline

My goal was to make it before dark, and I just squeaked in.

See Philly


Ann said...

I had no idea they had tunnels through the mountains. I've never been in that part of Pennsylvania. I've never been to Philadelphia either. Theirs a lot of this state that I've never seen.

Jeff said...

Love your road trip. That bridge in Toledo is interesting. There was a time in my life that I used to regularly travel the PA Turnpike, but that was decades ago!


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