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Sunday, March 22, 2020

Nine More Miles

It wasn't warm enough to do more blaze painting today, but I wanted to go out on the trail anyway, so I connected to the piece I did the other day that is south of me.

This section includes a little ephemeral pond and stream. This often dries up completely in August and September, but when there is water it's one of my favorite little "secret" places.

ephemeral pond

I got a couple of nifty ice pictures near the bridge that crosses the feeder stream for this pond.

rippled ice

ice crystals

South of there is a hemlock swamp. I really love hemlock forests.

hemlock forest

And a tiny creek that is also seasonal, but right now it even has a baby waterfall.

small waterfall

Turkeytail fungus- one never knows just what it will look like. Always rippled bands of earthy colors, though.

turkeytail fungus

Spring is trying hard to pop. Trailing arbutus is in bud! Just give it a few days of sun.

trailing arbutus buds

It was chilly but OK for fast walking. I met a young couple from Ludington out for a walk with their dog. They had never been there before. "This is beautiful," the guy said. Yup. (Despite the fact that a lot of spring cleanup is needed on that section.)

Total out and back, 9 miles. Hike 100 Challenge 2020 is at 50 miles.

In other news: I worked on The Lonely Donkey in the morning.

North Country Trail, Lake County, MI, 56th St south 4.5 miles and back

See I've Got the Hiking Itch

1 comment:

Ann said...

Only the end of March and you're already half way there with 50 miles. It does look nice out there.

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