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Friday, March 6, 2020

Philadelphia - Rows of Rows

Today was mostly rainy, but we managed to get one walk in before it got serious. I wanted to just walk around the neighborhood and take time to get some pictures of houses.

Of course, Philadelphia is all about the row house. Sometimes the idea is to make yours different from the neighbor's. However, sometimes there is a similarity to a group or a block. I'll share some of those pictures today.

I particularly liked this set with identical porticoes and windows, but different colors

Philadelphia row houses

This block is all very much alike with bay windows and similar trim.

Philadelphia row houses

This is a half-block with all rounded bow windows, and one Federal-style portico on the corner unit.

Philadelphia row houses

These are recently renovated- you can tell because of the garages. But the door trims are all Greek revival style.

Philadelphia row houses

As well as being "all the same," row houses revel in being different. Maybe we'll get to that some day.

One around the corner from here is being completely redone. It's been gutted, and they are adding a second story to the back where it was previously only one story. I think there is probably a whole sub-set of contractors whose specialty must be row houses. It has to be a unique skill set because many of them share an interior wall.

Managed to walk a couple of miles before the rain. Chilled out in the afternoon, had Vietnamese soup for supper and played more games.

See Longer Philadelphia Riverwalk

1 comment:

Ann said...

Of all of these I like the ones in the first picture best because of the different colors

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