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Monday, March 30, 2020

Philadelphia Flower Show 2020 - Mare Nostrum

Let's go back to the Philadelphia Flower Show today. I'll show you my favorite of all the displays. Some of the pictures don't do it justice, but I did the best I could with the crowds and whatnot.

It was a display by the American Institute of Floral Design. This organization is "the oldest and largest non-profit organization dedicated to recognizing and promoting the art of floral design as a professional career." So, I'm not sure how to interpret that as to exactly who put the display together (a local subgroup?). But, it was stunning.

Their sign began, "Escape and enjoy the sights of Mare Nostrum, where the sky and the sea compete on who holds the truest of blues..."

The theme was Mare Nostrum - Our Sea. There were 12 components of the exhibit. I guess it would be picture overload if I showed you all of them (and some of the pictures aren't great) but they are The Ocean, The Wave, The Breeze, The Sky, Textiles, Pottery, Tile, The Arbor, Container Gardens, Homes on the Cliffs, Rooftops, and The Sail.

I'm starting with Tile, just because it's a really nice picture without much competition from surrounding stuff. And you can see how blue was dominant.

Philadelphia Flower Show 2020- Mare Nostrum Tile

Three of the themes were about materials. Here is a portion of the Pottery display. I loved how the plants spilled from the pot.

Philadelphia Flower Show 2020- Mare Nostrum Pottery

The attention to detail was great. This is just one tiny element. You can see it in the above picture just left of center.

Philadelphia Flower Show 2020- Mare Nostrum- Pottery

And Textile was rich with texture.

Philadelphia Flower Show 2020- Mare Nostrum Textile

I loved the parts that focused on the big picture: The Ocean

Philadelphia Flower Show 2020- Mare Nostrum The Ocean

The Sky

Philadelphia Flower Show 2020- Mare Nostrum The Sky

There was so much motion in these next two! The Breeze

Philadelphia Flower Show 2020- Mare Nostrum The Breeze

and The Wave

Philadelphia Flower Show 2020- Mare Nostrum The Wave

I think I need to stop with the pictures for today. Container Gardens was a combination of traditional and whimsical and was staged under the walk-thru Arbor that was woven with lemon branches laden with fruit. Blue, yellow and white- my favorites, and then filled with green plants. Rooftops and Houses on the Cliffs were OK, but not as good as the ones I've showed you.

There were tall sails you could see from a long ways away to draw you to the exhibit, and one was interpreted with white flowers.

Philadelphia Flower Show 2020- Mare Nostrum The Sail

The most whimsical part? The foam on the waves was flowers and... marshmallows!

Philadelphia Flower Show 2020- Mare Nostrum The Wave

I really loved the colors, the arrangements, the combinations of plant material and other items, the richness and depth of the compositions, the theme... well, everything! This was my favorite display this year.

In other news: Cold and rainy again. I did some accounting stuff, mailed some things, and then started working on my last square for the Art Center Bingo. Stay tuned.

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Ann said...

I really like these. That wave is seriously impressive. The picture for the wind is pretty amazing. Very well put together.

The Furry Gnome said...


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