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Friday, March 20, 2020

Philadelphia Flower Show - White Plants

I always like to find the plants with white foliage at the Philadelphia Flower Show. The choices go way beyond dusty miller and lamb's ear!

There were more than this, but a lot weren't labeled. The huge succulent garden in the entrance had few labels, but I think this is some kind of agave.


This is a border plant that looks a bit like lamb's ear. It's a Senecio. There's a genus with an incredible amount of variation. This is Senecio candidans, Angel Wings

Angel wings senecio

Centaurea are knapweeds, yes like the invasive spotted knapweed. But many are beautiful ornamentals that aren't a problem. Centaurea cineraria 'Colchester White' has really white foliage.

Centaurea cineraria Colchester White

This is a near-white succulent. This is a gasteraloe, a cross between a gasteria and an aloe. Variety 'Green Ice.'

gasteraloe green ice

And finally, for today at least, is an Aloe, 'White Fox.'

aloe white fox

In other news: Busy day. I made yogurt, refrigerator soup (which turned out yummy), and whole wheat soda bread. I packaged and mailed books. I wrote a newspaper article.

refrigerator soup

whole wheat soda bread

See Meijer Gardens- White Plants

1 comment:

Ann said...

I like the green ice and I wish my aloe looked like the one in the picture.
That soup sure looks good

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