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Friday, March 27, 2020

Boards, Blazing, Bugs

Today, Loren and I met on my section of trail (keeping our distance and never touching), and replaced all the broken boards in the five little bridges that cross the bottomland hardwood swamp. (Snowmobiles are not supposed to use this, but they do, and it's murder on the decking.)

trail work

We replaced 12 boards and one sill that was rotted. These pictures show the difference. We did also replace those two with broken ends you see on the one bridge, but we did them last after we were sure we had enough boards with us.

trail bridge

trail bridge

After we got that project done I continued working on the blazes. Got another half mile done, with about one mile to go. Big job. Today's PSA is to show you a turn blaze. Double blazes indicate a turn with the top blaze offset in the direction of the turn. So, this one means there is about to be an abrupt right turn.

trail turn blaze

There were a few signs that spring is getting closer. The weather was wonderful- in the 50s. This little green stink bug held still long enough for a picture.

stink bug

Also saw the first mourning cloak butterfly of the season, a frog, and a chipmunk.

Wonderful day!

There is no other news. This was all day.

Hike 100 Challenge is at 64 miles.

Doing trail work on the North Country Trail, Lake County, Michigan, north of Freesoil Trailhead. About 5 miles of walking

See Bright Green for Spring


Ann said...

You had a busy day. I liked it all until you got to the stink bug...lol

The Oceanside Animals said...

Charlee: "Yay bugs!"
Chaplin: "We love bu -- wait, a stinkbug?"
Charlee: "Don't you have any grasshoppers or stuff like that instead?"

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