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Wednesday, April 15, 2020

More Color!

I just want more color tonight, with no shouting. I may have to take a break from Facebook. Anyway, enjoy some great colors from the 2020 Philadelphia Flower Show

Tillandsia are tropical bromeliads, sometimes called "air plants." This one is Tillandsia dyeriana, native to Ecuador.

Tillandsia dyeriana

Tulips! Hundreds! Lots of colors.


And how about another begonia? This one is 'Spitfire.'

Tillandsia dyeriana

Here's one I didn't know at all. It's Adenium obesum 'Black Asia.' It's actually related to milkweeds!

Adenium obesum Black Asia

In other news: I did some volunteer stuff, but I had to beat myself into being productive. Mostly I worked on my jigsaw puzzle.

See PFS 20202- Impressionistic


Ann said...

I'm craving color right now too and what did we get last night? More snow.
I've been thinking the same thing about Facebook. I scroll through there looking for things to make me laugh and all I see any more are posts about caronavirus. Can't take it any more.

The Furry Gnome said...

You sure found some colour!

Lin said...

What a joyful post, Shark! Thank you!

I'm with you on FB...it is very discouraging. I have had to unfollow some folks, both temporarily and for good. I can't have all that negativity all the time.

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