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Sunday, April 12, 2020

Dead Horse Marsh Video


Here it is- the video I made yesterday and remade today. Some of the commentary is a little wind-blown, but I think you can understand most of it.

I did find the free movie editing software, and was able to do almost everything with it that I could do with the one that was going to cost money. It doesn't handle audio editing as well, but for these clearly amateur attempts it's fine.

Anyway... here's the end result

In other news: I pigged out on homemade baked macaroni & cheese and read a book. So there.

See Dead Horse Marsh


Ann said...

Enjoyed the video. I would like to follow that boardwalk.
I'm also thinking that mac and cheese sounds really good right now.

Secondary Roads said...

I also enjoyed your video. That is a beautiful location. Thanks for getting me out on the trail--even if it's only virtual.

Unknown said...

what is the video editing software you mentioned

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