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Sunday, April 19, 2020

Treats from Yesterday and Today

Edited: This has been confirmed by someone who knows birds much better than I do as a pine warbler.

I promised to show you some of the little details from yesterday's hike. I'll do the big one first. This isn't a great picture, but I'm sure glad I got it. When I spotted a yellow bird and tried to get a picture, I figured it was just a goldfinch. But when I got the image on the computer... Whoa! It's a warbler. I'm not a great birder to begin with, and warblers are pretty much a mystery. But I think this is a blue-winged warbler. New bird on my life list!

blue-winged warbler

And, finally, finally, we are seeing some spring flowers here. Hepatica is always one of the first. I saw quite a few of them.

blue hepatica

One lonely trout lily was open. But more will come soon.

trout lily

This isn't a sign of spring. I just thought it was an interesting fungus.

fungus on birch tree

Oh yeah, and I saw my first tick of the year- a deer tick. It was just crawling around- not on me.

Today's treat? I made pancakes. I have mine with elderberry syrup- a gift from Ester. Om just likes the regular kind


Surprisingly, astonishingly, I am not sore or stiff from yesterday. Maybe a tiny bit achy in the hips and lower back, but not enough to affect anything.

In other news: I did laundry and blow dried it on the clothesline. Can you say windy? And I started my mystery puzzle. Stay tuned.

See Pancake and Goof Off Day


Ann said...

With that yellow color I would have thought goldfinch too. Love seeing signs of spring.

The Oceanside Animals said...

Charlee: "Bird."
Chaplin: "Birrrrd."
Lulu: "PANCAKES!!!"