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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Spring Tease

Today was pretty wintery again. But there are little teases that we may be approaching spring. I still have a couple of plants that come up and bloom. Here is a common primrose.

blue primrose

And my 'Jetfire' mini daffodils seem to hang in there. The trumpets are orange, but it never records that way on the camera.

jetfire daffodils

On my walk yesterday, I saw willows with catkins. Not sure what kind of willow. ID's of those are really tough.

willow catkins

And someone's daffodils are in full bloom. Beautiful! Mine are still in tight buds.


In other news: I worked on various projects today. I'm a little cranky, so I'll just say... see you tomorrow.

See Spring for a Day

1 comment:

Ann said...

Love the color of those primrose. It's hard to tell what season it is here. We're starting to get leaves and spring flowers but it looked like a blizzard for a while yesterday the way it was snowing.

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