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Saturday, April 11, 2020

Dead Horse Marsh and More

Well, I thought I was going to bring you a video. I finally got my act together and got new conversion software that didn't cost too much. And I thought I had a free movie maker program. Spent 2 hours, and put together a decent vid for a first go with it.

Then, when I exported it, I found out it's free to use, but if you want to export the video it has a big stripe of a watermark across the entire middle unless you pay money. (See steam coming out of ears).

So, I'm going to keep working on that issue. Will have to remake the video in another program.

My goal today was to hike to Dead Horse Marsh. It has filled with water this year. Third time I've ever seen it this way.

Dead Horse Marsh

The video tomorrow will tell you more about it. Now I'm just trying to do a fast post.

It's fed by this little spring, believe it or not.

woodland spring

There are other areas on the trail that aren't usually wet too. I don't think I've ever seen a pool here before.

dead tree reflected in water
So, Teeny and I walked 8 miles with 25 pounds, and then I left her sulking in the car and walked 2 more for a 10-mile day. Perfect weather. But I guess we're going back to winter tomorrow.

The Trailing Arbutus is trying to flower!

trailing arbutus

I saw two sandhill cranes and several ducks, smelled a skunk, and heard a barred owl in the middle of the day.

No other news: I was out all day (well, I tried to shoot some video footage for another project while I was out there. We'll see how that turns out!)

And now... I'm tired. I admit it. Tomorrow is another day.

North Country Trail, Mason County, MI. Riverside Drive to Tyndall Road and back

See Dead Horse Marsh Walk


Alan F Boulee said...

Is that anywhere near Dead Mule Swamp?

Ann said...

I thought Dead Horse Marsh was going to be the title of another book.
Very frustrating to go to all that work only to find out you have to pay in the end.

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