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Friday, April 3, 2020

Modestine's First Hike

Long day, all good. Just what I wanted to be doing.

Met with Andrea this morning, and we carefully kept our distance and even disinfected the saw before trading off turns. We cleared the spur trail from the NCT to Bear Track Campground.

Then, she headed in one direction to hike a piece she wanted to, and I went in a different direction to do ditto. In a nutshell, I hiked from the Big Sable River (from the road north of it) to McCarthy Lake and back. Total miles for the day a bit over 11.5. Yup, I'm tired. My knees are tired. But I'm still hopeful of being able to do my planned hike at the end of May. So I need to push myself a bit to get in shape.

It was Modestine's first hike. She didn't have to carry a full load, but got practice at keeping things in their correct pockets.


Here's the Big Sable River. It's always a beautiful spot. Yes, this is the river that leads to Hamlin Lake.

Big Sable River

Some of today's goodies include this ruffled liverwort.


A not quite in focus Mourning Cloak butterfly, Nymphalis antiopa. It's usually the earliest spring butterfly. I saw quite a few of them today.

mourning cloak butterfly

Some of the seed pods from last year's Indian Pipe, Monotropa uniflora

indian pipe seed heads
And what's left of a deer who provided winter food for a number of other creatures.

deer skeleton

I thought I would only hike to 3-Mile Road, but when I got there I decided to go on to McCarthy Lake. I wanted to push myself a bit, and that did the job! It was a little farther to the lake than I realized. I ate a snack and turned around. Got back to the car at 6:30. Still quite warm. I hiked in shirt sleeves.

There were two families camped at the lake. Because there is vehicle access it's pretty popular. I've seen quite a few people out in campers. I'm thinking they are choosing to spend the shut-down in the woods. A boy at McCarthy Lake took the family boat out with a quiet electric motor. He was fishing.

There were bufflehead ducks on the lake, but I did not get any pictures of them. The really bad news is that I think my camera is dead. I'll play with it a little, but I think we are talking dead.

McCarthy Lake

So, I'm tired. Going to take a shower and chill. A bit ache-y, but I don't think anything worrysome. No blisters. And Modestine? She had a very good time. She behaved herself, and is learning the ropes of this outdoor life.

hiker and backpack

I seem over-tired for 11.5 miles, but then again... I'm a little older than I used to be (wink, wink). But I'll get in shape.

NCT Hike 100 Challenge 2020- Only 9.5 of my miles today were on the main NCT. We are allowed to count all hikes in April, but I'm going to remain a purist. 89 of 100 miles.

North Country Trail, Lake County, MI, 5 Mile Road to McCarthy Lake and back, plus the spur to Bear Track and back.

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Ann said...

I'm tired just thinking about hiking that far.

The Furry Gnome said...

Looks like a nice day out there for walking.

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