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Monday, April 6, 2020

Art Center Bingo- Self Portrait

So today was the deadline for turning in entries in the Ludington Area Center for the Arts BINGO card. I had one more piece to do, a self portrait. I decided to do a collage.

self portrait collage

I've been working on it for over a week, because the layers of paper have to be glued down and allowed to dry. Here's the process.

I actually did some of it in the wrong order, but o well... this is pretty much all experimental for me anyway. This was the first set of pieces I cut and glued.

self portrait collage progress

Next step. It's kind of fun because all these papers came either from a catalog of outdoor gear or plant catalogues.

self portrait collage progress

I did have to go hunting for some magazines with black, and the various blues of the backpack. We had recycled all the paper not long ago, and since I wasn't keeping a collage stash (can you believe there is some item in the universe I didn't have a stash of?) I had to rummage. But as you can see, I found things.

self portrait collage progress

The last thing I added was my hair which is newspaper bits. Here is the final one again, so you can see the correct order easier.

self portrait collage

In other news: I did laundry and hung the clothes outside for the first time this year. Wonderful! And I did my one risky behavior of this time period- I went to the grocery store. I'm feeling a bit ho-hum today. I'm sure it will pass. I could fix that by doing some of the things I really should get done. I'm sure I'm much more content than most everyone who is affected by the shut-downs, so I certainly am not going to start complaining.

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The Furry Gnome said...

What a great self-portrait!

Jean Davis said...

Looks awesome! Love it. :)

Ann said...

That is an awesome self portrait.

vanilla said...

No limit to your talents.

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