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Saturday, May 30, 2020

Green is a Lovely Color

Today I had a small vendor event, the first since March. I was happy enough with the results for a small, inexpensive show.

Drove past the NCT on my way there and back. Had to stop for a little walk on the way home. It barely counts as a "hike," but I got to stretch my legs and see the GREEN. Finally, green. Quite a change from all the brown of my early spring hikes.

North Country Trail

This is a macro of Star Flower, Trientalis borealis. The blossoms are white, but with the light shining through it looks only slightly less green than the leaves.

star flower

I'm a sedge person, you know. This is a very common one in dry woods. Carex pensylvanica (yes, only one n), Pennsylvania Sedge. The leaves are very narrow and it grows in little clumps like green fireworks.

Pennsylvania Sedge

The seed pod of False Rue Anemone, Enemion biternatum. If you think it looks a bit like a buttercup seed pod, well, they are all in the same family, Ranunculaceae.

False Rue Anemone

And some moss going all sexy. I haven't really even tried to learn many kinds of mosses yet.

moss sporangia

When I got home I worked in the flower bed for a little while. That was enough.

North Country Trail Miles for 2020 is at 204

North Country Trail, Lake County, from Timber Creek north about a mile and back.

See Familiar Section- Endurance Edition


Jean Davis said...

Sexy moss. Rofl! The star shipped seed pod is pretty neat.

The Furry Gnome said...

I love the greens of late May!

Ann said...

The best part about this time of year is seeing everything go green again.

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