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Saturday, May 9, 2020

More About Hiking the Knobstone

I spent all day on maps again. Probably one more to go. I'm trying to get all the info I think I'll want onto one primary set of maps that I'll carry. This is what I've been doing on longer hikes for years and it works pretty well. The maps I ordered are probably tons better than whatever the trail association used to have, but they are in need of more work to be useful in the woods. I literally can't read the labels without a magnifying glass. There is an online map and a gps track. I'll check those out at home, but don't want to rely too heavily on electronics in the woods.

Anyway... today I'm feeling a little intimidated. I'm planning for this hike to be a personal challenge hike, with 15 mile days. An awful lot of those days are going to be seriously difficult. Here are 2 of the 46 maps sections.

Knobstone Trail Map

Even if you don't really read topo maps, I'm sure you get the idea that darker brown areas are very steep.

Knobstone Trail Map

And it's my understanding that this trail isn't known for switchbacks. They tend to take trails straight up and down the hills. Tonight I'm just a tiny bit wondering if I'm taking on too big a challenge. But I won't know unless I try. I'll have some sort of safety net to be picked up if I have to bail out.

I'm in really good shape, but um... I'm not 27 any more (unless you reverse those numbers). We shall see. Meanwhile, I'm planning carefully and anticipating.

Again- no other news. It's all maps. Life is good!

See Map Heaven


vanilla said...

Beautiful country. You are blessed to be able to do it, and you can do it!

The Furry Gnome said...

You're going to be going up and down a few hills! Good luck!

Ann said...

That's quite a trek but I have faith that you can do it.

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