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Thursday, May 7, 2020

This and That and These and Shopping

I was just telling Sue, when she dropped off puzzles last week, that I hadn't seen a Thirteen-lined Ground Squirrel in a couple of years. Of course you know what happened next. Sure enough! Here's one looking out for lunch. Since they only make holes in the yard, not in my house, their cuteness wins over any desire to find them new homes.

thirteen lined ground squirrel

I told you I finished another puzzle. I really, really liked this one. It was very easy, but interesting to do. And it turns out it's a primitive painting of a real historical place. The Los Olivos RR (California), according to Wikipedia: "The southern terminus of the railroad was in front of Mattei's Tavern [the white building in the painting], where a stagecoach line continued over San Marcos Pass into Santa Barbara." I love the picture and the colors and the subject matter.

jigsaw puzzle Los Olivos Railroad

The super moon was visible! It's usually cloudy here.

super moon

I went grocery shopping. Eyeroll. And exchanging something at Home Depot, and getting a refund on a rotten head of lettuce, and getting better maps for my (hopefully) hike out of post office jail because they needed more postage. It was a day of ironic contrasts with small triumphs and matching disappointments. But, hey! I have maps, so nothing else matters, right? I've started seriously planning my big solo hike. This map set turned out to be just what I needed.

I got almost no sleep at all last night, and I finally gave up trying and got up to work on a project. Thus, bedtime may be early tonight.

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Ann said...

I like the picture in that puzzle.
I hate when I can't get to sleep but usually I have to get up for work the next morning so I keep trying

Lin said...

I love a good puzzle. Have you ever tried a Liberty puzzle? They are handmade out of Denver (?) and they are so hard. The pieces are very odd shaped and many are everyday objects. There are no "edge" pieces and many flat pieces are right in the middle of the puzzle. Your typicl "puzzle logic" goes out the window and they are quite the challenge. BUT..they are also very expensive. I have only borrowed one and have been gifted one as well. So hard...but very fun to do.

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