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Saturday, May 2, 2020

Still Along the Manistee

Headed north again to continue onward in Wexford County on the North Country Trail.

This entire section is along the Manistee River. I started at Harvey Bridge and did all the off-road pieces as far as where 23 Road would be if it extended to the river. Then I turned around. Throughout this section, the trail is mostly not as high above the river, so you get some closer views and access points.

Manistee River

The deciduous trees are barely greening up, but at least the conifers are looking green. As I mentioned before, the Manistee has dozens of oxbows. Here are 4 different ones just from this section I walked today.

Manistee River oxbow

Manistee River oxbow

Manistee River oxbow

Manistee River oxbow

Right about in the middle of what I walked is a lovely reliable water source deep in a valley. It's the North Branch of Anderson Creek.

North Branch Anderson Creek on the North Country Trail

Here is one of the mile markers on the Cadillac to Traverse City Indian Trail. You can't actually walk this trail (too much is lost to private property, I think), but you can find most of the markers by driving around and walking a little bit. This is on my "want to do" list. And now I know that I'm on trail Angie and I hiked in 2000 because we took pictures at this marker.

Cadillac to Traverse City Indian Trail marker 16

Caught a male flicker showing off and singing.

male flicker

Total miles walked, about 13. I only carried the day pack. It was the hottest day we've had yet (over 70), and it takes me a while to get used to heat. I wanted to have an enjoyable hike, not a death march.

The worst thing about this section is that an awful lot of it is accessible by 2-tracks, and there are all kinds of vehicle camping spots that are... what? Not dispersed really, not official campsites... they just get used. And they were almost all occupied today. People certainly are not considering them to be under the banned uses. Since parts of the trail follow these old roads, I walked through or around a lot of people's camps today.

Total NCT miles hiked this year- 190

North Country Trail, Wexford County, MI, Harvey Bridge to theoretical extension of 23 road, and back. Off-road miles only. 13 miles

See I couldn't stay Inside

1 comment:

Ed Morse said...

Hi Joan,
I've hiked that area many times, both backpacking and day hikes. It would be a much nicer hike without the 2 tracks and truck campers. Usually I walk through their camps but this year I walk around. I would like to move the trail off the road but then it would be away from views of the river.