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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Remember the Roof?

I just looked up previous posts about this to get the link for the end. I CAN NOT BELIEVE I last worked on this project 6 years ago.

You can be assured that the shingles on the front of the house have not improved in that time. They really need to be replaced. It looks like I get a weather window this week, and the stimulus check is being put to good use buying shingles made in the USA. Fortunately, I could still get the same kind and color.

As a reminder, I still have to do the two faces on the front of the house. I'm hoping for the larger one this week. I have managed to recall some information about the original shingles. They were supposed to be a great product made partly with recycled fly ash. They had a 30-year guarantee. They did not last 20 years (and contractor is gone and all info about possible warranty). The back roof, in full sun, shredded beyond functionality in 19 years. While I was doing the insurance picture-taking job I came across 3 other houses with the same kind of shingles. They had all deteriorated just like ours.

The front section you see here is not nearly as bad as the back had gotten, even 6 years later, but it's not great.

bad roof shingles

Yesterday, when I hoped to start, it did not stop raining. Today, it was a little windier than would have been good, but I made things work. I just kept the edges of the tarpaper covered so the wind can't catch it.

I only got about a quarter of this section cleared. This needs to be happening faster. Hopefully, I can actually spend more time on the roof tomorrow. Today, I had to get several pieces of the puzzle assembled and ready to use.

One piece of good news is that the original roofer put the tarpaper on this side correctly, as opposed to how they did it on the back side.

roof partially cleared of shingles

While I was up there, of course I had to snap the view of my kingdom and beyond. And you can see that nice smooth brown roof that was the result of my efforts in 2013 and 2014.

view of spring fields

I had to quit earlier than I wanted to because I had to get to the P.O. before 4, and to UPS between 3 and 6. Then I had to buy more shingles, and go to the grocery store. Of course, while I was gone it started to rain again! What? Called Om to put some things away that I had left out. And now the lawn tractor won't start. I'll have to try to figure out what's going on with that.

Still a lot of empty shelves at the grocery. Why would there be no wax paper? But Brussel sprouts were on sale, so I treated myself.

This is the news of the day. I'll try to get my rear in gear earlier tomorrow.

See 2014 Roofing Project


Ann said...

I don't envy you that job. I tried to go up on the roof once to hang Christmas lights. I just can't do it.

The Furry Gnome said...

I once redid an old roof that turned out to have 5 layers! And the bottom two were cedar shake! I think it was about 90 years old.

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