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Sunday, May 3, 2020

How Many Oxbows?


How many oxbows can you stand to see? I hope about 4 more. How many oxbows are there on the Manistee River? Who knows? How Many oxbows are there between Harvey Bridge and Baxter Bridge? Well, over 30, counting the curves that "face" north. You can't see all of them from the trail. Let's just say, "it wiggles a lot."

Here are two that are near Baxter Bridge

Manistee River oxbow

Manistee River oxbow

This is the "famous" one, the view from Highbanks Rollways. (More on this later in the week)

Manistee River oxbow

And one more with naked sand banks.

Manistee River oxbow

There was also this lovely unnamed stream crossing in the afternoon sun.

unnamed stream in the sun

And the cedar waxwings were flying about. There were a lot of juniper bushes along the trail here, and I wonder if that's what attracted the cedar waxwings. They do eat juniper berries.

cedar waxwing

The temperature is supposed to drop again for this week, so I'm glad I went out today. It was 70, dropping into the 60s with a cool breeze and warm sun. Just my favorite kind of day. I expected the ticks to be out since I've seen a couple already, but not a one this weekend.

I took a lot more pictures than this, and you'll see some of them in upcoming days.

Total miles today- 12. I'm tired, but not exhausted.

Total NCT miles for 2020- 202

North Country Trail, Wexford County, MI. Baxter Bridge to the extension of 23 Rd. and back

See Still Along the Manistee

1 comment:

Ann said...

I can stand to see as many oxbows as you can stand to post :)
I don't think I have ever spotted a cedar waxwing around here but lately I've been seeing a ton of cardinals.