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Friday, May 22, 2020

Who Will Win the Race?

This is how far I got today. Pretty darn good. Is it enough? We shall see.

new shingles on half a roof

If we are talking about the race with the roof across the street, I already lost. They put on all the underlayment and all the red metal roofing today.

new red metal roof

Interestingly enough, The Amish must be doing the roof themselves (this is going to be an Amish/Mennonite store). How do I know this? Take a look. There is one woman up there who was working right along with the guys. I don't know how they can do stuff like this in a dress. But GIRL POWER!

woman on a roof

More to the point is- will I win the race with the weather? Forecast says I still have tomorrow. Do you think I'll make it? I was able to work a lot today because it wasn't as hot. I lost quite a bit of actual roof time because I was waiting around at Home Depot almost an hour for them to find the skid of 52 bundles of shingles that their inventory claimed they had. They finally found them.

No other news today! I worked my tail off.

See It Must be Roofday


Ann said...

You're so close to being done. Hope you finish before the rain arrives.
I would have a hard enough time being up on the roof but working in a dress, no way. I've seen Amish guys doing jobs around here and they always work really fast.

Secondary Roads said...

It will be a very busy day for you. Praying you work fast--and in safety.

Lin said...

Hope you beat the rain! Be safe though. Wish that lady would come over to help. :)

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