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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

I Done Good!

I have to do some cleanup yet, but look at this! I got all the old shingles off except the few I left on purpose to keep the edge of the tarpaper from getting caught by the wind.

roof with tarpaper

Tomorrow I start new shingles.

Here's the mess I made.

discarded old shingles

If you think there would be any other news on top of this, you must be nuts. I'm whipped. Hopefully, I can still actually move tomorrow.

I think a couple of you must have said a prayer for me. I sure didn't think when I started the day that I'd be able to get all the old shingles off in one day. That said, let me remind those of you who do not know, I actually love to do roofing. It requires no thought and is extremely satisfying. The one problem is to squeeze it into weather windows. (Unless you own big tarps, which I don't. But I have a couple of smaller ones if I don't quite finish before the weather goes bad.

P.S. The subcontractor who did this roof originally should be taken out and shot. But since the identity of the person/company has been lost in the mists of time, you can't accuse me of being unkind to a particular person. But, it was a really poor job. I'm not talking about the shingles that turned out to be sub-standard, I'm talking about the quality of the work. It's a wonder we haven't had leaks.

See Remember the Roof?


Ann said...

Way to go. You never fail to impress me with how many different things you can do yourself. I wouldn't even know where to begin when it comes to putting on a new roof.

Lin said...

OMG, Shark...you are SOMETHING! Please, be careful, friend.

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