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Thursday, May 21, 2020

It Must be Roofday

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Roofday. Right?

I was not sore at all from yesterday. I can hardly believe it myself. And I got over a quarter of the new shingles on. This is going well. That was my goal for the day. Don't worry- I trimmed back that tree. The shadow makes it look like it's still very close to the roof.

new roof

And, look what's happening across the street. They have closed in the section between the buildings, and today, with a whole crew of workers and a nailgun (or 2 or 3), they put the plywoood on that whole huge roof. I don't think they can see me through our pine trees, slogging away with a jar full of used nails and a hammer, but I bet they would be laughing at me if they could. I'll bet they'll only spend one day covering it all, too. I wonder if it's going to have red metal like the rest of it.

construction site

And this happened. It was getting too thin and ratty, and I just wanted to wash all the tar gunk out of my hair easily. I may grow it again in the fall.

braid of hair

In other news: Yes, there actually is some other news. I did a load of laundry and dehydrated two pieces of hike food.

See I Done Good


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