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Tuesday, September 15, 2020

A Dirt-y Beginning

  Today was the day. I got myself down in that well pit to begin the first of the two big projects that have to happen this fall. There was still the dirt you can see behind and under the ladder to move out, even though I spent many hours earlier this year, in June. Please note that the ladder is sitting about 6 inches higher in the first picture. I don't think these images do a good job of showing how much dirt I moved. dirt in a well pit

It only took me an hour and a half, but that was enough dirt-lugging all the way up and down the ladder. dirt removed from well pit

I read the directions for mixing the cement and I have the tools. Tomorrow, I start re-pointing the walls. And I have an idea to exclude the ground hog from the access hole for the water line. This part of the job shouldn't be too horrible. I've just had a hard time talking myself into it.

Then I MUST tackle the second part of this project- to create an actual cover for the pit. I think I've finally chosen a compromise plan. All of my plans have at least one flaw, but it's time to pick one and run with it.

In other news: I wrote a chapter in The Lonely Donkey. And... and! Bell Choir practices started up again. We have to wear masks, have our temperature taken at every rehearsal, etc. But we are playing. After that, there was a Zoom trail meeting with the National Park Service, the last of the virtual presentations we've had instead of a North Country Trail conference this year. Oh yeah, and I spent way too long trying to ID one of the plants from the place I hiked the other day. I think I've got it. If I'm right it's nothing unusual at all, just growing a little differently from the norm.

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1 comment:

Ann said...

Carrying buckets of dirt up and down a ladder for an hour sounds exhausting.

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