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Saturday, September 26, 2020

Impressive, But a Long Way to Go

  This really looks like something, but don't be deceived. There is a ton of work yet to do. well pit cover

Just to be clear, I got the other three walls in place, well pit cover

And then I just slid the plywood on the top. The forecast is still for no rain, but it's pretty gray and breezy out there. I'd rather just have some leaks instead of a total downpour on the pump if the sky decides to dump water.

My friend, David Snoek (see hike in the links below) was in town helping with a beach cleanup at Nordhouse Dunes, so we met for a sandwich and ice cream in the late afternoon man eating ice cream

And of course there was a stop at Lowe's for more overpriced items on the way home.

Worst discovery of the day- there is one more broken concrete block that needs to be repaired. It would have been easier if I'd noticed it before, but I can deal with it. It will just chew up more time.

Be assured that mistakes were made, but so far nothing that couldn't be "salvaged."

Best discovery of the day- I have two of these combination squares, so instead of constantly adjusting one for inside and outside squares, I just set one each way. two combination squares

And that is all that happened today.

See Well, Wall One
See More Nordhouse Dunes

1 comment:

Ann said...

It's looking good. Glad you were able to take a break to have lunch with your friend

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