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Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Less Clutter, More Carbs

  Remember the pegboard I managed to get hung back in July? Here's what it and that side of the porch look like now. pegboard and shelves You get no "before" picture. But those of you who know me understand that a couple of days ago you could not even get into the space beyond the pegboard. When you move into a house with 1000 fewer square feet, and then add all the stuff from a parent's house, you are in deep trouble. I keep getting rid of boxes of things, but it's never fast enough. Anyway, here is what the porch looks like now. It's basically storage and sorting bins for recycling.

The sorting is not completely done, but I've made a good enough start that it's actually possible to put things away. sorted shelving and storage boxes A much better arrangement of tools and hardware that are commonly used. I also managed to remove piles of stuff that were in the middle of the kitchen. They belonged on these shelves, but I could no longer get to the shelves. I wonder how long this will last. For a while anyway, and that is better than not doing anything at all.

My reward was a batch of hot biscuits. With butter. Too many calories. I don't care. I ate six. biscuits I also wrote a chapter today, did the dishes and made yogurt. Of course, I had started the porch project a couple of days ago, but even so, I think today was pretty productive.
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Secondary Roads said...

There are times when calories don't count and that was surely one of those. Or is it that we don't count the calories--either way, I'm good with it.

Ann said...

That was a very productive day. You earned all 6 of those buttered biscuits

The Furry Gnome said...

Six muffins!?

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