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Saturday, September 5, 2020


  Definitely starting to look and feel a bit like fall. I walked my little 3-mile loop. Boring, but easy. Goldenrod was glowing in the slanting afternoon sunshine. goldenrod Remember the strange plant I had so much trouble identifying a couple of years ago? Ox-Tongue? It's still filling in the roadside spaces on the corner where I first found it. I'm thinking the seeds got brought in with some fill dirt when they fixed that road. ox-tongue And, right in front of me, a golden leaf fluttered down to the pavement. For that leaf, the end of summer has come. golden maple leaf In other news: I did pretty well at our little sales event. I've picked up another event for next weekend. I finished writing chapter 10 in The Lonely Donkey. I'm ready to chuck 2020 and start acting like an author who wants to sell books again.
See Ox-Tongue


Secondary Roads said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Secondary Roads said...

It is so nice that my name is also a verb. Oh, and I agree, I'm ready to chuck 2020 as well.

The fun one is when folks ask me, "What's upchuck?" [at least that the way I hear it]

I can feel that summer is coming to an end.

Ann said...

When I start seeing the goldenrod I know summer is coming to an end

Sharkbytes said...

Hi Chuck- well, you are also a noun, on a drill.

Ann- yup... and there are so many species to choose from!

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