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Friday, September 11, 2020

What Would Do This?

  Remember the space I showed you in June that was one of the few places in the rock garden that actually looked nice? rock garden Here's what it looks like today! I hadn't really walked down the outside stairs (which is right beside this) since I got home. broken up yellow jacket nest Look closer. It's the remains of a yellow jacket nest. There were a few of the insects nosing around in the combs. But it's been broken up for a while, because it was also covered with ants. broken up yellow jacket nest What would do this? I certainly didn't go digging up a nest of things that sting! I can't think of an animal that would dig into a yellow jacket nest. Here's the hole the nest must have been in. What you can't tell in the picture is that the hole in the ground behind the wall is at least a foot deep. hole in a garden wall Very strange. I've left town for the weekend now, but I'm sure going to make sure there are no more wasps hanging around before I clean this up.

I'm with Chuck and Sylvia tonight, then on to the vendor event tomorrow.
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Ann said...

Well that is a mystery.

Secondary Roads said...

Let's hear it for the ants.

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