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Monday, September 7, 2020

Whose Yard is this, Anyway?

  The unmowed state of our yard (lawnmower is really and truly dead) contributes to the comfort of the Whitetail population. They consider me quite an intruder. And they are probably mad that I've kept them out of the flower beds for a while. deer in lawn This one seems very large to still have so many distinct spots. Earlier, it was closer to the house where I could really see it through a window, and the hair in the white spots is coarser and longer than the brown. Does that mean the spots are ready to grow out? large spotted fawn This one is a real mystery. It might just have gotten its winter coat early, but none of the others have, and it looks very dark and unevenly colored. Makes me wonder if it fell in the creek and is wet. dark colored deer In other news: I didn't do a bit of writing. That's not the way these days are supposed to be going. But, I spent a ton of time getting all the ducks lined up for a day of errands tomorrow. Then I started a cleaning project that has been driving me crazy. No, it's not any of the things I'm supposed to be doing, but I'm just sick and tired of working around that mess any longer. Stay tuned. It's almost done.
See Mr. Long Legs and Little Sister


Ann said...

It would be nice to see wildlife roaming in the back yard so long as they kept their distance and stayed out of flower beds :)

Secondary Roads said...

They cut hay on our low ground and the deer don't like being exposed on short grass. One fawn did have fun racing back and forth on the short stuff.

I understand about the cleaning project. It's not fun.

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