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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Stuffing Styrofoam

  What a beautiful day! This was the morning sky. Very cool and crisp. A perfect day to hike. sky with clouds

But guess what I was doing instead. Yup... back to the pit. Today there were two projects. I used the remnants of 40 years of deteriorating styrofoam (previous iterations of keeping this hole covered) to line the vertical walls on the inside. I got this done all the way around. This was easy, just tedious to sort through the garbage pieces to pick ones that still had structural integrity.

Now, before you tell me this is not adequate insulation... I know. This is kind of like icing on the cake with a recycling component. Remember, I still have those sheets of green foam. Be patient. styrofoam inside a well pit

The other project was to repair the second broken block I discovered. The hole needed to be made inaccessible to critters, and it was plenty large enough for many. hole in a block wall

This repair job doesn't look as nice as the first one, but it will do the job. I also did some more on the inside of the pit sealing cracks since I needed to use up the rest of the tub of cement I mixed. repaired hole in a block wall

Then I had to put the tarp pieces back in place. They have too many holes to really seal it, but they did keep the rain from really getting into the pit. The plywood was wet, but I'll get the roof finished soon. There is one more thing to do that will be much easier before the plywood is nailed down.

It's supposed to rain more significantly tomorrow and the next day. That's good, because I need to spend time getting The Lonely Donkey formatted.

In other news: I picked up the cover art from Linda Sandow, and went to bell choir practice.

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Ann said...

I would do the same with the styrofoam. If you have pieces that can serve a purpose then why not use them.

vanilla said...

Heavens! What a job. I haven't been doing much blog reading of late, but mayhap I can get back to it a bit.

Sharkbytes said...

Ann- there may be enough for another layer even!

Vanilla- understandable. Hugs, my friend

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