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Sunday, September 13, 2020

Doug is Doin' It

  After the event was over today I had a chance to get a hiker started on a few miles of trail. The North Country Trail, of course. This is a hiker-friend, Doug Seaney, and he has spotted me a couple of times, so it was only fair. It was a little hard to turn him loose into the woods and not be going along! hiker
He's really close to finishing the entire state of Michigan, and when one has done that about a quarter of the trail is done!

In other news- the vendor event went really well. A much needed boost to my finances right now. And I booked a seminar via Zoom!
See Baker Sanctuary


Ann said...

I imagine it was quite difficult for you to not join him.

Doug said...

Thanks again Joan! Finished this 35 mile segment today at 12:30. Weather was nearly perfect. After you dropped me off I hiked fast the 3 miles to Fort Custer state park (45 minutes), the park has a very long driveway! Nearly 2 miles, by the time I got to my site it was getting dark. Next morning some kind soul gave me a ride in the back of their pickup truck. 5 minute ride to save over half an hour of walking.

Sharkbytes said...

Yeah, Doug! Keep on trucking, and call if you need me in the lower Manistee

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