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Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Two Tubs Today

  It turned out that I was having a tired day. No particular reason, just tired. Nevertheless, I managed to make some progress. Here is what the west wall of the well pit looked like yesterday. block wall that needs repointing

I cleaned the wall, wet the seams as I worked, and mixed and applied two tubs of mortar and now it looks like this. Some of those larger gaps are going to take several applications to fill. I know it doesn't look great. This task is not one of my best talents, but in my defense I will say that the wall was built very poorly to start with. The blocks are not even-apparently laid that way, not shifted. Places where the old mortar is dried in globs that stick out from the surface are impossible to deal with. OK- I could chisel them off and work at this forever, but it's the inside of a well pit, eh? My only goals are to keep the wall together and keep the large vermin out. mended block wall

Tomorrow I have to go to the store before I can continue. I need some things for my gate across the water pipe egress.

I also made pear ginger scones. These are frankly incredible. Yes, I ate two. I could probably eat another one. But I'll try not to. pear ginger scones

In other news: I wrote one more chapter in The Lonely Donkey. Hope I have a higher energy level tomorrow.

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Ann said...

You did good with the wall. I thought the blocks had shifted .

vanilla said...

From an old block layer to a fantastic repairer of other people's errors: Yes, Shark, that is an incredibly poor job of block laying. I don't envy you your task, but you are a perservere-er. (Is that even a word?)

Sharkbytes said...

Ann- thanks for the encouragement

Vanilla- I suppose it's a wonder that wall hasn't collapsed before now. Thanks for confirming my diagnosis.

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