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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Where the North Begins and the Fine Fruit Grows

"Where the North Begins and the Fine Fruit Grows" is proclaimed on a billboard as you enter a town just a bit south of where I live. It's for certain that fruit growing is a huge part of life in west Michigan. This time of year, hillsides are blanketed with blooming trees.

cherry orchard

Sometimes, they make the horizon completely "fluffy."

cherry orchard

When I took these pictures, most of the blooms were cherries. Most of what is grown here are sour cherries, but also a lot of black sweet cherries.

cherry orchard
The apples weren't in bloom yet, but the peaches were!

peach orchard
Hope you enjoyed the fruit tour.


Eric : Manila Blog said...

did you know that one of my dreams is be able to grow an apple tree here in our country - the Philippines? i guess unless I can control the temperatures and the weather then that's the only time I can make my dream come true.

RNSANE said...

I think fruit trees in bloom are always so beautiful...but,even more, I like the trees when they are bearing that wonderful fruit!! I, especially, like cherries.

rainfield61 said...

My feeling is mixed sour and sweet now.

vanilla said...

I did. Thank you.

john bain said...

And so did I.

Secondary Roads said...

I really like those cherries. What I really love about the fall is apple harvest. The odor of freshly picked apples is like a hint of heaven to me.

Emma Springfield said...

I love fresh fruit from the tree or berries from the vines. It is such a clean, fresh, real flavor.

Ann said...

I always love seeing the fruit trees in the spring with their blossoms.
We use to have dwarf fruit trees in our back yard when I was growing up.

Ferd said...

Love, love, LOVE northern Michigan cherries! Yum!

spinninglovelydays said...

Must be a fascinating time right now where you are. Is it sad that the only cherries I'm familiar with are maraschino cherries?