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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

FLT Hiking - Tucker Rd to Basswood Rd

Day two of hiking, Marie's brother Larry joined us. He lives near Syracuse, and was able to get away for a couple of days. Most of the day was off-road, and the trail was beautiful through woods and along creeks. We did 10.6 miles.

hikers under tall pines

We crossed the Chenango River, but it wasn't particularly scenic. I'm trying to show you better photos. The afternoon walking was almost all along Bear Brook which was so gorgeous we took pictures every time we turned around. Larry's new Aussie hat makes him look very handsome, too.

hiker by waterfall

Here's one of my favorite shots of the falls, even though it only shows a little piece.


We finished in good time, and ate at Hoppie's in Oxford. I had a Cubani panini, which was incredibly yummy! Hoppie's is a cross between an old-time soda fountain and a sandwich shop. Excellent food and very busy. It's nice to see small towns find a successful niche.

Today, at Marie's, we sealed the corners and cracks in the pantry. Marie's been putting it off. That's the point of this extended visit. I'm helping her do some projects, and she'll spend a week with me later this summer helping me with some projects. It wasn't really bad with two people. She mixed the goop, which had to be done in small batches because it sets up in about five minutes, and I troweled it into the spaces.

sealing cracks

We also did the laundry, which included soaking muddy socks! You'll be glad the computer does not provide odors!

soaking socks

Don't worry, we are managing plenty of play time too, with our favorite word game, Quiddler.

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jeanlivingsimple said...

The first pictures are delightful...the last one made me sick.
Dang...I will be back inspite of my weak stomach.LOL!

Karen and Gerard said...

Wow, 10.6 miles is a lot of walking! Enjoyed the pictures.

vanilla said...

Many hands make light work.
Many miles make smelly socks.

The trade-off work is a great idea, and the walking paid off in nice scenery.

Glynis Peters said...

love the pics. Phew, those socks! LOL

Libby said...

The shot of the falls has a mesmerizing quality to it.

Petra said...

That's an awesome hike! I also like that you're helping a friend with a project. What a blessing. Sometimes all it takes is someone to get us started, and teamwork makes it all so much more fun. As for the socks, I'm very glad my computer has no smell sensors, lol!

Ann said...

Love that first picture. It looks so peaceful.
Never heard of that word game before.

Lynn Proctor said...

this looks so relaxing!

Lin said...

Them is some DIRTY socks!! :P

RNSANE said...

I've never heard of Quiddler. You ladies manage to get it all in, work, play, hiking, good food.

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