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Friday, June 15, 2012

Jenks Creek Again

I had just one case to do today, so I took Maggie and we went for a little hike afterwards. We followed the section of North Country Trail that parallels Jenks Creek. I've taken you there before, a couple of years ago. See Rediscovering Jenks Creek

We need rain really badly. There was hardly any water in the creek. It wasn't even flowing, really, so I didn't bother to take a picture. Here's the trail bridge. Maggie seems to be inspecting the decking.

Jenks Creek bridge

Although the day was starting to really heat up, the woods was shady and cooler than the open areas. I was glad we went today since the next few days are supposed to be brutally hot.

near Jenks Creek on the North Country Trail

We walked as far as Sterling Marsh. If that sounds familiar, it's the general area where our trail club built the big boardwalk over the past few years. That's the next section south from where I went today. The north end of the marsh has open water, and it's where Jenks Creek arises. It's a beautiful place, and eventually we'll be creating accessible trail to this point for birdwatching or just soaking in the peace.

Sterling Marsh

Much to my surprise, I saw several unexpected plants, so I'll be sharing those tomorrow. Good stuff!

We walked just under three miles. Pretty short, but long enough, since the humidity was starting to rise.

See North Country Trail Boardwalk Celebration
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rainfield61 said...

Wow, I can feel the heat.

The weather is so very hot over here.

john bain said...

I'd like to come with you next time. Give me a shout.

Ann said...

sure looks nice there.

shelly said...

What a wonderful place to walk.

betchai said...

it looks very nice and pretty, 3 miles is very long for me with the heat and humidity, am always amazed at your fitness level.

Unknown said...

You're having the weather we would die for (although our gardens wouldn't). We've had so much rain lately. But today it stayed dry for our walk along the shoreline path and back through the woods of Upton Country Park. Jade enjoyed it, especially as we found a new path through the woods where we could let her off leash. Your hikes always seem like paradise to me.

Sharkbytes said...

rainfield- I'd never survive in your climate

John- If you were to show up here, we'd hike all you want!

Ann- I love all our sections of trail!

shelly- We have an abundance of nice trails here!

betchai- I slow down in the heat. Over 90 and I'm done- I sit down with a book and a glass of iced tea

Jean- We got a few minutes of rain today, but not nearly enough. The lawn is burned already and it's only June.

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