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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Two More Dandelion-ish Flowers

The lesson for today is: You have to look at the leaves!

There are really quite a few flowers that look just about the same. But the leaves and the stems can sort out most of them. Remember, with the Cat's Ear, the leaves are lobed and hairy.

Here's one I really like because the leaves are so interesting. See the lovely purple veins? This is called Rattlesnake Weed, Hieracium venosum. Of course, it has nothing to do with rattlesnakes.

rattlesnake weed leaves

The flower... no surprise.

rattlesnake weed

OK, here's another yellow flower, but this is a completely different plant. This is actually one of our native dandeliions, Two-flowered Cynthia, Krigia biflora.

two-flowered cynthia

The basal leaves on this one vary, but the flowers are slightly more orangy, and if you look at the stems (there may be more than two), there will be a small leaf at the branching!

two-flowered cynthia

I'm sure most of you don't care two cents about telling all these thingies apart, but at least you might remember that there are quite a few choices. I just hope I remember!

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vanilla said...

Oh, but we do care, for it is evidence that you are keeping your botanical skills sharp!

Lynn Proctor said...

always fascinating!

Ann said...

I had no idea that there were so many different ones that all look like dandelions

Duxbury Ramblers said...

Dandelion types always a mine field but that's part of the fun.

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