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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ellen and Joan Take an Excellent Bike Ride

Today was awesome! The weather cooled down significantly, and Ellen and I went for a bike ride on the Hart Montague Rail Trail. It's the closest one to us, so it involves a little travel, but not too much.

A lot of it is lovely shaded sections like this one.

Hart Montague Rail Trail

We rode from the north end at Hart to south of Shelby, where we took a break at Country Dairy for lunch. This is a large local dairy operation which does a big business based on their organic products with no rBST or other hormones. They used to have an ice cream stand. Now it's a full restaurant, gift shop, and educational tour program. I had a Turkey Bacon Ranch wrap and Ellen had a Turkey in the Slaw panini.

Country Dairy

Then we rode south farther, and turned around in Rothbury. On the way back we stopped at Country Dairy again. I'm sure you know why... for ice cream! I had Nutty Java Moo, and Ellen had Mooey Gooey Fudge.

With a little digital magic, I bring you both of us and the wrong end of the cow.

Country Dairy

All together, we rode 30 miles. Not bad, eh?

No pix, but we saw: Rose-breasted grosbeak, female goldfinches, cowbird, cardinal, song sparrow, brown thrasher, robins, and a grouse. Also saw a black swallowtail butterfly. Usually, on a bike, by the time you stop and turn the camera on the wildlife is long gone! Not many wildflowers in bloom: Hoary vetch, the cat's ear I featured a couple of days ago, and Canada anemone.

Only one word needed: wonderful!

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Rick (Ratty) said...

I like that cow. It makes me think of an old place in Detroit where they used to have a statue of a bull out at the front. I always liked seeing that whenever we would go by.

helicopter tours hawaii said...

That brings memories on my past life. Thanks for the share.

Karen and Gerard said...

I'm impressed; 30 miles is quite a ride!

rainfield61 said...

I need to convert mile into kilometer before being impressed your achievement.

john bain said...

You earned the ice creams.

shelly said...

I love trips like these.

betchai said...

i so love that bike path you have. so peaceful looking.

Ann said...

I haven't been on my bike in ages. I could do that though as long as there aren't any hills. I don't like hills....lol Your lunch and your ice cream sounds good

Sharkbytes said...

Hi Ratty- roadside art is comical, but we always seem to remember it!

Hello hawaii- thanks for stopping by

K & G- Wish I had time to do it more often.

rainfield- it's 50 km. You can be impressed or not!

John- yes, I can have it without guilt on those days.

shelly- me too, for sure

betchai- because the pavement is only 8 feet wide, a lot of it feels very intimate

Ann- rail trails are pretty much flat, due to their origins.