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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Woodland Horsetail

I had a chance to photograph another kind of Equisetum lately. This is one of my favorites because it's so lacy. This is Equisetum Sylvaticum, Woodland Horsetail.

woodland horsetail

This one also grows in layers like the Meadow Horsetail. Here's a top view.

woodland horsetail

It's easy to identify. The branches are subdivided. That's what makes it look so lacy.

woodland horsetail

That makes five kinds of Equisetum I've showed you! Still at least one more kind that grows locally.

See E is for Equisetum
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LA Nickers said...

Your blog is fun, and your DAILY posts are inspiring. How do you keep up with all that posting, while still visiting and commenting on so many fellow bloggers' posts?


Hey, I presented you with a blog award (passing the joy along) and highlighted/linked to your blog at Practically at Home.

Linda at Practically at Home has presented you with the Kreativ Blog Award. See it here!

Linda Ann

Lin said...

It looks like it is soft to the touch. Is it?

Ann said...

It does look lacy. I like it

Sharkbytes said...

Hi Linda- I really enjoy sharing my adventures and botanizing with everyone, so I rarely stress over blog posts. I'll go check out my award. Thanks!

Lin- well, it's softer than the other horsetails, but not really.

Ann- It's one of my favorites of the equisetum.

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