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Friday, June 22, 2012

The Versitile Blogger from Susie

versatile blogger

Another award! I had a long run without any. Not that I'm complaining; not at all. I've received quite a few over time. It's fun to pass them around, but some people don't like to play. That's fine; some people have more serious blogs, or don't have time to get their heads around the requirements.

This award is from Susie Kelly at No Damn Blog. Susie is a new friend, a Brit who lives in France. She has terminal wanderlust on a level with mine. I've read two of her books, Best Foot Forward, and Travels With Tinkerbelle - 6,000 Miles Around France In A Mechanical Wreck. I love her books! They are funny and filled with all of the mishaps that hikers and travelers experience. (Find them at Amazon or Smashwords.)

Anyway, I'm supposed to share seven things about myself.
1. 10 am- I cleaned a kitchen
2. 11:30 am- I cleaned a kitchen
3. 12:15 pm- I cleaned a kitchen
4. 1:00 pm- I cleaned a kitchen
5. 1:30- I cleaned a kitchen
6. 2:15- I cleaned a kitchen
7. 3:15- I cleaned a kitchen

Yup, my resort cleaning job started today. I don't think I've ever cleaned seven kitchens in one day before. I know I'm tired! I get to do it all over again next Friday, and the next...

The bottom line is that it wasn't that bad. However, I have to say it felt a little bit like a bad joke about hell. As eternal punishment for not cleaning my own kitchen, I am doomed to clean an endless succession of kitchens forever.

Now, I have to give the award away.

First goes to my buddy John Bain, at Don't Unplug Your Hub. He's an artist through and through. Wish I could paint or make music that well.

Next, I'll hit John Sealander at Some Assembly Required. He's a total dalmatian lover, and we have a lot in common.

How about Jim, Dennis' dada? I just have to love those goofy Vizslas at Dennis' Diary of Destruction. Did you know he's an author too? I recently read A Flock of Crows is Called a Murder. I'm not a fan of paranormal books, but it's just enough to be creepy without being ridiculous. A good read.

He doesn't have the kind of blog that will probably accommodate awards, but I'd like you to take a peek at my friend Ken Brown's blog. He authors the You Can Learn Series. He recently interviewed me about my writing, but that's not the point. Ken was the founder of Adgitize, when it was still a viable blog advertising system. He is a talented businessman with many interests.

Here's another artist- Rose at What I Made Today. Everything she touches turns into art. I'm really jealous!

OK... I think I'm done.

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john bain said...

Thank you. I am touched. Thanks also for putting a link to me. Thanks for all your kind comments. Thanks for everything. Hey just take one big thank you.

vanilla said...

So the perpetual kitchen cleaning sentence could be categorized as just desserts?

Loretta said...

oh my....sorry, but your kitchen situation made me chuckle out loud and express gratitude that I only have one to will definitely get it down to a fine art after a few weeks and your own kitchen will no longer be a challenge after this summer! Hoping all the "resorters" will be tidy ones this season.

Lin said...

Well, I believe cleaning kitchens would be better than cleaning bathrooms any day!! Or doing laundry.

Ann said...

I had the same thought Lin did. It would be pure torture for me if it was bathroom cleaning.

Anonymous said...

hello my quality day its dennis the vizsla dog hay i wood be happy to aksept this award on dadas behaff!!! i mite eeven tel him abowt it sumday!!! ha ha ok bye

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