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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Mrs. Ebony Jewelwing

Remember last week I showed you the male ebony jewelwing damselfly?

male ebony jewelwing

Well, it's not a super good picture, but I got one of the female Calopteryx maculata.

male ebony jewelwing

At least you can clearly see the white spots on her wings. And note the "maculata" in the name? That means spotted, so that makes the scientific name sensible. Her body is plain black.

This is one of the really common damselflies. I wonder if I can get pictures of some of the little nervous ones next! At least with wildlife pictures one never runs out of possibilities.

See Ebony Jewelwing
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john bain said...

Yesterday I was thinking I'm going to give up trying to make nature photos. You do it so well. Just confirms I'm hopeless at it.

Unknown said...

Those are great shots!!! Love Dragons!

rainfield61 said...

These are lovely little dragons.

Sharkbytes said...

John- You only get to give up when I give up on sketching and making music.

John Y- Well, these are damselflies, but they are cousins. Did you hike in Oceana Co?

rainfield- I think you'll like today's post!

Unknown said...

No hiking Oceana yet, I think this weekend we are visiting family in the Hart area and I would like to try to get out sometime.

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