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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Four Eyes


One Eye

Two Eyes

Three Eyes


cataract surgery

I just thought this pose was cute- he has the little boy, high-water pants look.

Seriously, this should be the last such operation in our family for quite a while. I don't seem to be having any issues along these lines at all yet. Sounds good to me.

Om was a lot more relaxed about this eye than the first one. Afterwards we went out to eat (he was starving, due to not being able to eat for 12 hours before the surgery), and we spent the afternoon watching "Home Alone."

A few more weeks, then a new prescription for glasses, and he should be visually acute for any number of years!

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Lin said...

Yeah, Om! I'm glad it went well. :) Get well soon, pally!

Duxbury Ramblers said...

Good to hear all went well Om, our love and prayers from all the Ramblers.

vanilla said...

YEA! and yee-haw.

Secondary Roads said...

Hasn't he already been visually cute for years?

Ann said...

I was thinking the same thing as Chuck was....lol
Glad to hear it went well

Sharkbytes said...

Lin- I'll give him your good wishes!

Carole- thank you so much!

vanilla- ride 'em cowboy?

Chuck and Ann- you made a great little joke out of that. Yes, he can be cute!

Loretta said...

visually cute...hmmm

RNSANE said...

He looks quite happy to have it over and done with! So glad it all turned out well, Joan.

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