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Monday, December 25, 2017

Christmas Day 2017

I stepped out to take a picture of the white Christmas for you.

bare footprint in snow

The wind was cold, but we got just enough new snow to make it pretty. And the skiing was good. I went out for about 20 minutes. (Oh, yeah... I wore shoes for that.)

snowy scene

We ate a yummy meal, followed by snacking on many caloric treats. This year is characterized by way too much food. Last year, we didn't have hardly any candy or cookies. We even joked about it. (Not that we needed more than we had, you understand.) This year, we are drowning in chocolate and goodies. It's difficult to be disciplined.

meal of ham and pineapple

Joshua gave us a huge fruit basket. He's gotten the idea of getting something we can really use nailed down. Now I just need to convince him that we are only two people and a smaller basket would work great!

fruit basket

The rest of my loot is shown here. Steve called and we talked for a while. He sent us DNA ancestry tests. He suddenly got interested in this topic and had his own tested. It came back confirming exactly what we had been told, that he is half Vietnamese and half Chinese. I'm actually really pleased that he has finally developed a bit of interest in his roots.

From Loretta, I got a tent ornament for my collection, a towel for my trailer, and a tiny Leatherman. She is amazing. I don't know if she made a note about some comment of mine long ago, but this is the only model I was really interested in, and she got it! From Omer, I got the things I asked for: the immersion blender and the drill bits.

Christmas gifts

He also got me one of those lenses so your phone can take super close ups- you can put this under the category of things I try so you don't have to. For starters, it is tiny and doesn't fit well. I said, "I'm going to lose this before I've had it ten minutes." Yup, it fell off before I'd taken even one picture. I managed to find it, but I don't think this is something I dare use outside. I haven't got the hang of getting anything in focus yet. Here' my best effort: a piece of fabric. It may be fun to play with. We'll see.

texture of woven fabric

While I was out skiing, I caught the red-tail hawk surveying his kingdom. Very long shot.

red-tail hawk

I was able to clean it up a little bit.

red-tail hawk

Now I'm reading a book and enjoying the rest of the day. (And eating too many cookies!)

A nice laid-back day, and no apologies for it.

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The Furry Gnome said...

A good Christmas if you got out skiing!

Ann said...

A laid back day with no apologies is the best way to spend any day. Glad you had a nice Christmas

Secondary Roads said...

Good for Steve. I'm glad I had my DNA tested. It's nice to know that in 1634 my ancestor brought the first plow from England to America. (He was awarded 40 acres by Salem Village for bringing that plow.)

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