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Saturday, December 23, 2017

Reading, Writing, Watching, Chilling

I seem to increasingly need time that is just quiet and doesn't involve other people. Even other people I like.

Today I finished the book I was reading, The Woman Who Smashed Codes. Excellent read- one of the clandestine parts of World War II that has recently been declassified.

I watched a movie, Seven Alone, made in 1974. It's based on the true story of a family who were traveling the Oregon Trail in 1848. The parents died, leaving the seven children, one an infant. The oldest boy refuses to give up and leads them on westward. It's a little cheesy... being both an older film and probably made for kids. But the story is fascinating since it's true. The boy who leads them was a rebel and troublemaker, but when he was forced to become head of the family as a young teenager, he persevered. The worst part was the film itself was in bad shape before being digitized, and it was hard on the eyes.

In an interesting side note, I kept thinking I recognized the name of the author of the book that tells the story (On to Oregon), which was written by Honore Morrow (1880-1940). Then I though maybe I even remembered why I knew that name. Sure enough, when I looked her up, she wrote many, many books for young readers, mostly based on true stories. I used her book, Splendor of God, in my research about Ann Judson for the chapter 'Nancy,' in my book Would You Dare?

The story of the seven children is based on the personal recollections of Catherine Sager, the third oldest child, and the oldest girl in the family. She related the events directly to Honore Morrow sometime around 1900.

I'm nearly finished with Chapter 11, 'Margit's Nameday,' in The Secret Cellar. Probably will finish it before I go to sleep.

It looks like we have an awful lot of stuff under this tree, especially for a couple of people who have gone very low key on gifts. But there's a box from Steve, more packages from Loretta, gifts from co-workers and friends, and some birthday gifts for Joshua who turned 48 this week.

At any rate, it looks very festive.

Wishing you whatever you need for the holiday- whether it's people time, or chilling time, like me.

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Unknown said...

Wow....you do have a lot to open on Christmas! I finished wrapping mine today and have 6 under the tree for others to open sometime this weekend. Finished the Christmas cards which will go in the Lottie Moon PO box at church for others to pick up tomorrow. My second "by myself" day this week but very productive! All laundry done but one load, bath tub drain unplugged, ktchen cleaned, a plant divided and repotted to gift, and a light bulb replaced on the deck!

Ann Thompson said...

I'm the same way on needing quiet time. Although I've always sort of been like that. Enjoy your Christmas

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