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Monday, December 11, 2017

I Wanted Scones

I was in a mood for scones. Yummy scones. There was a little cranberry-orange relish left. There were some too-dry currants. Mix them together, add to scone dough.


Oh yeah, they are good. And festive looking as well.

In other news: Got gas for the snowblower and filled the tank, because we are supposed to get a major storm tonight. Worked on formatting DMS Druggist to upload and got that done for Smashwords (two to go). Took tomorrow off. So there. The world will not end at the paper without me.

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Loritenor said...

My friend, Marleen saw the photo and told me to ask you to mail us some!

Ann said...

The scones look good. Can't say that I've ever had a scone. We got a little snow last night but I hear by Wednesday we should have 8-12 inches

The Furry Gnome said...

I think I must have deceived you with my pictures of the Hop Hornbeam. Those trees were about 6" diam, and the seed clusters 2-3" long. The seeds themselves are about 3/4". Does that help?

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